5 Good Reasons to Replace Your AC System

Just how ready is your AC system for another summer of virtually non-stop activity? Was it running like a champ last summer, right up until it was time to flip the switch over to your furnace? Or did it struggle to make it to the finish line? One more question, please. Are you more likely to replace your furnace or AC system only once it is beyond repair or earlier, such as when you lose confidence in its cooling power? That is a great reason to replace it. Here are four more:

  • If your system is at least 15 years old, it’s already reached or exceeded its expected lifespan. Operating efficiency has eroded over the years, even with routine maintenance. That, in turn, means you’re paying more and more to cool your home with repair issues increasingly likely to erupt.
  • As AC systems age, they gradually lose their ability to remove excess humidity from your home. Once humidity levels rise, you have three basic options: learn to live with it, purchase a whole-house dehumidifier, or replace your AC system.
  • If repair issues are occurring more often, when does even one more repair bill become one too many?
  • If your older system runs on Freon, which it most likely does, you’ll be striking a blow for cleaner air when you replace your system. All new systems are made with a non-ozone-depleting refrigerant.

Not sure what to do? Why not start with a thorough AC system tune-up and inspection, capably performed by the HVAC pros at Bob Boldt HVAC? Once completed, we’ll give you a system prognosis and recommend what we think is in your best interests. Why not call today to schedule service?

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