7 Benefits of a HVAC preventative maintenance plan

If you’ve scheduled an appointment with your local HVAC company recently, you may have been asked about joining their preventive maintenance program. A preventative maintenance plan is a membership of sorts with your HVAC company where you pay either a yearly one-time fee or a monthly fee that includes preventative maintenance (tune-ups), priority service when your system experiences a breakdown, and discounted pricing on repairs and replacements. Most savvy consumers are crunching the numbers on whether their preventative plan is worth the investment. If you’ve been wondering if signing up is worth it, keep reading as we unpack 7 benefits of signing up for a preventative maintenance plan.

Higher efficiency

Your furnace and AC equipment were designed to run with high efficiency – heating or cooling your home for less. When your HVAC equipment is regularly cleaned and inspected, your airflow increases which make your system more efficient. Signing up for a preventative maintenance plan will ensure tune-ups are performed regularly which will include cleaning, inspections, and air filter changes – all of which help your system run more efficiently every year.

Fewer repairs

Your system needs to be cleaned and lubricated regularly to avoid costly breakdowns and replacement parts. A preventative maintenance plan makes it easy for you to schedule those tune-ups and get a trained HVAC professional to inspect and clean your unit – leading to fewer repairs each year. Your seasonal tune-ups will catch future repairs early so you avoid breakdowns and can budget for any replacement parts needed.

Greater comfort and air quality

Your HVAC system is silently improving your comfort and air quality as it runs efficiently. Dirty condensates drain pans and dirty ductwork can cause lower and higher humidity (depending on the time of year) which can increase the chances of germs and allergens in the air. Your regular preventative maintenance will conduct cleaning for the best air filtration keeping your family comfortable and safe all year long.

Longer life span

Well-maintained HVAC systems can last up to 20 years. The more you have your unit maintained by an HVAC professional, the longer your system will last. In the long run, you’ll save money and time as preventative maintenance plans automate those tune-ups to make it easy for you to have your unit tuned up and cleaned.

Dependable operation

Since your preventative maintenance plan will ensure more regular tune-ups, you’ll need fewer service appointments for your equipment. Regular maintenance will minimize the chance of breakdowns when you need your system the most – which in turn will give you peace of mind that your system will run in the heat of summer and the bitter cold of winter.

Priority service

Most preventative maintenance plans not only include regular tune-ups, but they also include making plan members a VIP when it comes to service calls. If you do have a system breakdown, your HVAC company will prioritize getting a technician to you so that you can get back to indoor comfort all year long.

Maintains your warranty

Did you know that your HVAC equipment warranty can be voided if you don’t have regular maintenance performed? Preventative maintenance plans make it easy for you to have that regular maintenance and keep your warranty in place.

Are you ready to extend the life of your HVAC equipment, have fewer repairs, and have higher efficiency from your system? Our preventative maintenance plan can help. If your system is older and has been requiring more repairs recently, then now may be the time to replace your system with our special winter’s end pricing. Simply call our office to talk about our preventative maintenance plan, and replacement prices, and to schedule your first tune-up.

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