A Guide to Replacing Your Gas Furnace

Many of our customers are perfectly comfortable with our number one recommendation for a replacement gas furnace. While that’s flattering and indicates a great deal of trust, we love it when you ask questions. That way, you’ll know that our recommendation isn’t made on a “just because” basis, but that we put a lot of thought into what we believe will suit you best. As such, we encourage you to do some homework before calling us to replace your aging furnace. Among other things, you’ll feel more comfortable with your decision.

Here are just some of what you’ll want to know in advance.

Proper Sizing. Replacing a furnace is much more than replacing one box for another. What if the current furnace is too small or too big? Either way, it’s going to wear out faster than it should and cost you more to run it. The right size furnace, however, will keep you comfortable all winter long, and your energy costs are below what you’re paying now.

Compatibility. Properly sizing your furnace also must factor in how well your home is insulated, the integrity and set up of your ductwork, the number and placement of air ducts, and more. All these factors can be adjusted as needed.

Key Features. Are there particular features you want to include with your furnace? Are you interested in improved air quality? Do you want to save as much money as possible on your heating bills? Are you extra sensitive to the kind of dry air a forced-air heating system tends to deliver? These are all good questions to ask and points to raise during our pre-installation consultation.

Warranty. Ultimately, you want a furnace that has a reputation for longevity and has the kind of warranty that reflects a manufacturer’s confidence in its product. As a rule of thumb, your new furnace should have a minimum warranty of 5 years.

As we said upfront, we love our customers to ask us questions. But even if you don’t, we’ll do the asking and explaining for you to ensure you get the right heating system with all the right features. For more information and a free-in home heating analysis, contact Bob Boldt HVAC today.

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