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A Good Name Is Hard to Beat.

When you start a business under your name, you set a lofty standard. What you’re stating, in effect, is this: “Whatever you need, I’m the one who’s ultimately responsible.” That includes taking responsibility for who you hire, providing the tools and training they need to be successful, doing everything possible to earn and maintain your trust, and so much more.

We believe it’s not always the big things you do that earn points from your customers. Sometimes the little things count just as much, maybe even more. Like giving free advice to help someone save money, for example.

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What You Can Expect from Bob Boldt HVAC

New construction is not our game. Instead, we put all our energy into HVAC service, repair, and new system installation for residential clients. We also specialize in improving the quality of your indoor air. Bottom line, it’s our goal to help you enjoy the maximum year-round indoor comfort at the lowest possible net cost.

Here’s more of what to expect:
  • Timely, responsive service
  • Ongoing training and development for our entire team
  • Thorough after-the-job clean-up
  • Respect for you, your home, and place of business at all times
  • Answers to all your questions so you can make better-informed decisions
  • When it comes to meeting and exceeding your expectations, we’re just warming up.

About The Owner: Who Is Bob Boldt?

Bob Boldt is a lifelong student of the discipline known as HVAC ( Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning). He directly influences and enhances the comfort and well-being of homeowners in Eagan and the surrounding area. With a long track record of fulfilling their home comfort needs. With hands-on experience servicing and installing 10,000 + heating and cooling systems – there really isn’t much he hasn’t seen. The constantly changing advances in HVAC technology keep him engaged in continual learning. With certifications in 11 individual NATE courses, Airflow Test and Balance, and Combustion Analysis training by industry icons. Being a member of the professional organizations ACCA ( Air Conditioning Contractors of America) and SNA ( Service Nation Alliance) keeps him on top of “best practices” for his trade.

Bob Boldt

CEO & Founder


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Marketing & social media director


Service Technician

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