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If your AC system is rattling too much or if you notice a steep increase in energy bills, it might be a sign that you need to schedule AC maintenance in Eagan, MN. Ideally, your AC system should be serviced at least once a year. Older units or units that see a lot more use might need to get serviced more often. You can book an AC tune-up at any time. However, we highly recommend doing so in early summer. If you get the unit tuned up too early, dirt and dust will have plenty of time to collect in the nooks and crannies.

While you should get the AC serviced once a year, you should also book a service if you notice off signs. They include weird sounds whenever the AC is turned on, a drop in overall efficiency, uneven cooling throughout the home, and inconsistent temperature control. Our team has a lot of experience in servicing all major AC brands, types, and models. We’ll restore your AC back to its original condition in no time!
"Great job, friendly, very reasonable pricing; about a third of what I expected from experience with other local companies." - Paul S.
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Benefits of Annual AC Maintenance

Here’s a fun tip: an unserviced AC unit will drop in efficiency by as much as 5% each year. While you might not notice the initial drop, the drops in efficiency can really add up if you forget to service the unit for several years in a row. After several years, your unit might become less responsive or might use up a lot more energy to cool down your home.
Regular servicing does wonders for the unit. We highly recommend that you set up a reminder for the annual AC tune-up in Eagan to enjoy the following benefits:
Higher overall efficiency and performance
Lower energy bills throughout the year
Quiet, or even silent, operation when turned on
Improved indoor air quality
Here, at Bob Boldt HVAC, we offer Comfort Plus Club membership to all members that allow them to receive better comfort year-round. The club has three levels: standard, silver, and platinum. All levels include annual heating and cooling maintenance, priority service scheduling, and 15% savings on all system repairs. The various levels offer unique benefits as well. Give us a call to see which membership type would be the best fit for you!

AC System Inspection & Maintenance

Here are a few inescapable facts:
  • Your air conditioning system won’t last forever
  • It should last longer than expected, however, with regular preventative maintenance
  • Without ongoing maintenance, you can expect more than a reduced lifespan. More frequent and costlier repairs are just as likely, plus there are safety issues to be considered, such as an electrical fire resulting from faulty or incorrectly installed wiring.

For all the above reasons and more, annual preventive maintenance is key to your family’s ongoing indoor comfort. So, if it’s been a year or longer since your system was last professionally cleaned and inspected, contact Bob Boldt HVAC today to schedule service. It’s a smart move that will pay long-term dividends.

AC System Inspection & Maintenance

At Bob Boldt HVAC, we value honesty, communication, and value. Since 1988, we have been committed to delivering the best services around at guaranteed price quotes. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and our team is NATE-certified, so you can rest assured that you will receive the highest standard of HVAC industry excellence. We offer after-hours emergency services and always arrive in well-stocked trucks. Our team will get the job done within one visit. We can perform repairs and get everything restored back to its original condition with just one simple tune-up.

We also offer outstanding central air services, AC repair and AC installation in Eagan, MN!
Call Bob Boldt HVAC today for reliable AC maintenance in Eagan. We’ll keep your AC system in tip-top shape!

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