Advantages of a Wall-Mounted AC System

How do you define “luxury?”Well, one we all can agree on is air conditioning, even if you’re abundantly used to enjoying its cooling pleasures. Then again, you can’t have central air conditioning without a network of air ducts, so what’s a family to do when cost or your home’s design won’t allow for air ducts? Are they stuck with window or portable units, or fans? Once upon a time, the answer would have been “yes”. But now there’s a clear and nearly irresistible alternative. It’s called a wall-mounted (or ductless) air system that provides cool and warm conditioned air, all in one super energy-efficient package. Just as their name suggests, wall-mounted systems don’t need ductwork to get the job done. Here’s more to love about them:

  • Easy to operate and program – plus, you can set different temperatures for each room covered by your system.
  • No loss of energy through your ducts since there are no ducts.
  • Added security vs. window units since wall-mounted units can’t be breached

How a Wall-Mounted Air System Works. Each system comes with at least one outdoor condensing unit. But instead of connecting to an indoor air handler and air ducts, ductless condensing units connect to wall-mounted blowers that deliver the conditioned air directly to you. Each condensing unit can support up to five such blowers, and each comes with its remote-control thermostat.

Even better, you can purchase a wall-mounted system for your whole house or any part of it – say, for example, that new room addition or sun porch you’re building, or the basement you’re planning to finish that can’t be reached by your home’s existing heating and cooling systems.

Is a wall-mounted air system right for you? We’ll be happy to assist you in making that call. So, contact us today to schedule an in-home comfort analysis and a free new system quote. Bob Boldt HVAC: your complete indoor comfort service provider.

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