Air Conditioner Warning Signs

Life has a way of letting us know when something’s not quite right. The “check engine” light on your car’s dash, the scratchy throat that foreshadows a wicked cold, or the emergency alert warning you of dangerous weather. If only all such warning signs were equally obvious as to their source and eventual outcome. Take your home AC system, for example. It may not “speak” as clearly as a scratchy throat, but it does have several ways of getting your attention. Your only job is to learn what they are, and what they might mean.

Increase in utility bills. Some fluctuations in your monthly energy costs are to be expected as more or less demand is placed on your cooling system. But if your utility bill is rising month after month inexplicably, chances are your system is not performing as efficiently and effectively as it once did.

Poor indoor air quality or airflow. A comfortable and healthy indoor environment doesn’t begin and end with the temperature reading on the thermostat. If you’re experiencing higher-than-desired humidity levels or reduced airflow while your AC system is running, it could mean the system is nearing the end of its expected lifespan or is poorly sized for your family’s needs.

Unusual odors. The only thing you should notice from your AC system on a hot summer day is perfectly cooled air. However, if you sense an electrical or burning smell while your system is running, cut off all power to the system and contact a trusted HVAC professional immediately.

Unusual noises. While otherwise quiet, it’s not uncommon for your AC system to make a little noise, especially if being turned on for the first time after a long winter’s rest. On the other hand, grinding, banging, or constant on-and-off cycling are not common AC noises and should not be ignored.

Puddles or leaks. If you notice moisture or leakage around your indoor or outdoor AC system component, you might have a blocked or broken drain tube, refrigerant leak, frozen coil, and other possible conditions. Finding and repairing the leak is critical to preventing problems associated with mold & mildew not to mention overall system operation.

Unevenly cooled rooms. Sure, you might expect your family room – with its wall of windows and day-long sun – to feel slightly warmer than your shaded guest room at the back of the house. But overall, your AC system should maintain consistent temps throughout your home. An older, poorly installed, or poorly designed system can create temperature imbalances.

All such AC system problems have one thing in common: the dependable diagnostic and repair skills of Bob Boldt HVAC. Call us now or anytime you’re experiencing less-than-ideal indoor comfort. Even better, contact us for annual preventive maintenance to help keep most repair problems at bay.

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