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What’s Better Than Year-Round Indoor Comfort? Comfort-Plus, of course!

There's nothing worse than having your family be unbearably hot or cold during extreme heats, and that's why Bob Boldt HVAC offers amazing value to help keep you comfortable and extra safe all year - and that's with our exclusive Customer Club Membership.

For your heating and cooling systems to perform at their absolute, repair-free best, they require ongoing preventive maintenance – the very cornerstone of the Bob Boldt HVAC Customer Club Membership.
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Why Join Bob Boldt's Customer Club?

Keep your family comfortable all year long through our annual preventive maintenance program. But that’s not all it provides.

  • Guaranteed Emergency Service Within 24 Hours
  • Priority Service 
  • Priority Scheduling (You'll feel like a VIP!)
  • Annual Heating & Cooling System Maintenance
  • 15% Savings on Service & Repairs
  • 10% Savings on New Equipment (Within 3 Days of Proposal)
  • No Trip Charge
  • Free 1-Year Parts Warranty

Oops, we almost forgot perhaps the biggest plus of all – your added peace of mind for never having to endure extreme hot or cold temperatures in your house!

Contact us today to enroll in the Customer Club, an awesome way to ensure year-round indoor comfort as only Bob Boldt HVAC can provide it.

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