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It wasn’t that long ago when ductless air systems were quite the oddity. Now they keep popping up all over the country as more and more homeowners become aware of their unique advantages. In fact, more and more homeowners here in Eagan, MN, and the surrounding areas are looking at ductless systems for their many benefits!

Our team at Bob Boldt HVAC is ready to answer all of your questions about mini-splits and help you improve your comfort today.

The Many Benefits of Ductless Air Systems

What is it about ductless systems that make them so attractive? Well for starters, they solve a very common problem for homeowners. You may have a room or area of your home – such as a garage or guest room – that your primary HVAC system doesn’t really get comfortable. Adding a ductless mini-split to that area allows you to heat and cool the space without needing to replace or upgrade your current HVAC equipment!

Independently temperature-controlled, ductless mini-splits allow for highly energy-efficient cooling and/or heating in as many areas of your home as you wish. They can work in tandem with a traditional, central forced-air furnace and air conditioner, too.

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Advantages of ductless air systems:
  • Provides heating and cooling combined, or cooling alone
  • The outside condensing unit connects to one or more wall blowers that distribute conditioned air
  • Remote control thermostat operation
  • Quiet operation…like it’s not even on
  • Ease of maintenance with one vs. two systems to clean and check
  • Lower utility costs

There are so many great reasons to consider adding ductless mini-splits into your home, and lots of rebate and tax incentives available as well. Our team carries exceptional, affordable ductless air systems for our customers in Eagan and the surrounding communities.

Under what conditions does a ductless air system make the most sense?
  • When your home has no air ducts and it’s impossible or too costly to install them
  • For a new addition or finished attic or basement
  • It’s also a great way to turn a 3-season room into a year-round comfort zone

Learn More about Ductless Systems Today

If you’re considering a ductless air system for your home, let us know! We’d be more than glad to walk you through options that make sense for your and your budget. Our team is highly experienced, and stands behind all of our work with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Contact Bob Boldt HVAC today to see if a ductless air system is right for you.

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