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Furnaces usually last anywhere from 10 to 25 years, depending on the care and maintenance they receive. If your furnace needs repair and has been in use for at least a decade, you might want to consider heating installation services. The benefits of installing a new unit often outweigh the headaches and costs of repairing an old one.

At Bob Boldt HVAC, we specialize in all things HVAC. We deliver first-class heating and cooling services to every client in the Apple Valley, MN, area, and we are ready to improve your home’s indoor comfort with a new furnace installation.
"Great job, friendly, very reasonable pricing; about a third of what I expected from experience with other local companies." - Paul S.
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Furnace Installation in Apple Valley

A new heater installation will prove of the utmost value with regard to future energy bills. Today’s new furnace models produce higher levels of heating efficiency when compared to older models, meaning it won’t cost as much to heat your home. And because the newer models heat your home more efficiently, they require fewer repairs over time and can last longer than older models as long as they receive regular care and maintenance.

You’ll notice improved heating comfort with a furnace replacement. Older systems don’t heat homes like newer models, which can cause hot and cold spots. This issue is a major concern during the colder months when you rely on the furnace to keep your whole house warm. With a new system, though, you can eliminate hot and cold spots and enjoy more comfortable warmth throughout each room in your home.
Signs it’s time for furnace installation services:
Furnace is old
Rising heating costs
Furnace isn’t as efficient
Furnace breaks down frequently
At Bob Boldt HVAC, we’re all about keeping you healthy, and that’s why we recommend furnace installation services if you have an old, inefficient furnace. If your furnace isn’t keeping your home at a consistent temperature, you should look into getting a new one. With a new furnace, you won’t have this problem. We can even make sure you have an energy-efficient furnace that can effectively lower your bills

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At Bob Boldt HVAC, we’ve been able to service and install over 10,000 HVAC systems because we stay aware of the industry’s constant evolution. All of our technicians undergo ongoing training and development to ensure they’re equipped with the proper knowledge to install furnaces safely and effectively. We provide timely and responsive service to every client and clean up after every job, leaving the area as it was before we began. Our company has 11 NATE certifications and is an accredited member of the Air Conditioning Contractors of America and the Service Nation Alliance.

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