Just like anything else, there are good times and not-so-good times to make a new purchase—especially on something as important as a heating system.

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The wrong time? When you wait until your system heaves its last breath of warm air. Because if you wait that long, there’s a good chance you’re going to be in a hurry to replace it and that opens the door to potential buyer’s remorse.

That’s why it’s better to replace a furnace on your terms when you have plenty of time to explore our options. Along with all the help and guidance we can provide, which is considerable.

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Here are some of the leading indicators that your furnace might need to be replaced:
  • Age of system – If your furnace is at least 12 years old it’s nearing the end of its effective lifespan.
  • Soaring utility costs – With a new, high-efficiency furnace energy savings alone can pay for your furnace in as little as 3-4 years.
  • Repair costs keep climbing – Remember that old car of yours that you couldn’t bear to part with? The one you kept putting more and more repair dollars into. But tell the truth: didn’t you finally reach the point of “not one penny more?” We all do.
  • Uneven heat distribution – This problem could require a simple fix, OR it could be a sign that general wear and tear are robbing your furnace of its heating capacity.

New Heating System or Replacement System

Whatever your motivation might be, you count on Bob Boldt HVAC to design, install, and properly maintain your new heating system to help ensure maximum benefit from your purchase.

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Among other design functions, we’ll properly size your system so it’s just right for the size of your home and daily heating needs. By contrast, a system that’s too large or too small will eventually cause premature repair problems and system failure.

To learn more about our approach to new system design and installation, contact Bob Boldt HVAC today. And remember we provide free in-home consultations and new system proposals. We hope to do the same for you.

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