How to Choose the Right AC System

Your home and family are one of a kind, with wants, needs, and lifestyles all your own. So, when it comes to indoor comfort, why would you settle for a “one size fits all” new or replacement AC system? You shouldn’t, since factors like home design, family needs (especially those under medical care), and what your goals are – improved comfort, lower utility costs, or some combination of these and other factors – can make a difference in the type of system that is right for you.

Here are a few other factors to consider.

Existing Central AC on the Fritz. If it’s been about 10 years since you (or the previous homeowner) purchased your central air system and you notice higher utility bills, reduced airflow, increased indoor humidity, and unusual noises, it might be time to upgrade to a new and more dependable unit.

No Ductwork Not every home can accommodate the ductwork that’s needed for central AC installation. That doesn’t mean you need to resort to the window or portable units, however, especially when a ductless air system can fit the bill for both cooling and heating. Ductless units are anchored by an outside condenser that distributes the conditioned air through a wall-mounted blower. They’re great for whole-house use, a single room, a garage that stores climate-sensitive equipment like an antique car – virtually any use at all.

Cooling a Rental Property, A rental property can be a sound investment, and air conditioning can make it even more appealing to renters. However, if your property doesn’t already have central AC or ductless mini splits, you may not see the value in installing one. A good and practical substitute is a window unit or PTACs (packaged terminal air conditioners). Window air conditioners are an inexpensive, low-maintenance option. But if the window style can’t accommodate such a unit, a PTAC can be a lifesaver. These units sit along an exterior wall a few inches above the floor, with temperature controls located on their face. They are self-contained with the compressor located inside the unit and do not require any ductwork.

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