How to Cool a 3-Season Room

Is your whole house air-conditioned except for your enclosed porch or 3-season room? And, if so, would you spend more time there if you didn’t have to rely on window fans, ceiling fans, or some other makeshift cooling device? Take it one step further and imagine turning that room into a year-round gathering place with no new construction or any other major changes…what would that do to your lifestyle? Well, that’s what you can accomplish with a new ductless air system from
Bob Boldt HVAC

Here’s what a ductless air system consists of:

  • Outdoor condensing unit/heat pump that looks similar to your central AC condensing unit
  • An indoor wall-mounted blower that connects directly to the outdoor unit and distributes the conditioned air
  • Your system can provide cool air only, or heating and cooling combined, depending on how and when you plan to use it

You’ll also enjoy super-quiet, remote-control operation along with amazingly high energy efficiency. If you have a room – 3-season or otherwise – that’s not connected to your central heating or cooling systems, and you’d like to use it more frequently, contact Bob Boldt HVAC
today for a free in-home comfort evaluation and new system proposal. Ductless air might not be your best option, but it is an option and one that provides a world of added flexibility.

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