How to Help Your Furnace Last Longer

Have you heard the one about the furnace that lasted forever? Neither have we. Never mind a true-life story, even a joke would be stretching the truth way too far. The fact is, older furnaces were built to last 12-15 years, while modern heating systems – with proper care – can last up to 20 years. As a homeowner who depends on a furnace, it’s clearly in your best interest to keep yours running efficiently for as long as possible…and we’re here to demonstrate how to do just that. These Home Heating Tips Work!

  • Attic insulation. To prevent heat from escaping into your attic and through the roof, cover the attic floor with at least six inches of high-quality insulation – and no gaps!
  • Doors and windows. If you can feel cold air while running your hand around doors and windows, warm air is escaping. That forces your heating system to work longer and harder to make up for the lost heat.
  • Change your ceiling fan setting to counterclockwise to push warm air downward which means you won’t need as much heat from your furnace to stay warm and comfortable. Less furnace effort, longer furnace life.
  • Zoning and programmable thermostats. If your home is covered by a single zone, you’re undoubtedly paying too much to heat and cool it. By adding one or more zones, you can enjoy full comfort where you need it and save money where you don’t. You can save even more by replacing older thermostats with programmable, Wi-Fi models that gave you greater control both at home and from external Wi-Fi hot spots.
  • Window treatments. Open shades and drapes on sun-facing windows to let warm air fill up rooms during daylight hours. At night, close the window treatments to retain as much sun-provided heat as possible.
  • The area around the furnace. Keep a three to the five-foot area around your furnace completely clear of stored items. This is a safety issue because gas is burning inside the furnace. It also will help the furnace run smoother by allowing air to circulate more freely.

Did someone mention annual furnace maintenance? Ahem, we did – earlier in this blog. But it’s worth mentioning again, especially when Bob Boldt HVAC is providing the service. We are highly trained and experienced heating and cooling pros who can help you enjoy the maximum year-round indoor comfort while helping you reduce your utility costs. Contact us today to schedule service – we’re always glad to help.

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