1. Attic ventilation. With the right amount of ventilation, your AC system can operate up to 10% more efficiently. Keep in mind that proper placement and sizing of your roof ventilation is key to effective heat reduction.
  2. Do you have the right filter? Your filter is vital to effective airflow. If it’s clogged or dirty, some of that dirt and other airborne pollutants will find their way into your living spaces. And yet, not every size or type of filter is right for your system.  If, for example, yours is too thick, it will restrict airflow thus making your system have to work harder to deliver the cool air you want.
  3. Frozen coil. If your AC fan is running non-stop but not delivering cool air, the problem could be a frozen coil inside your air handler.  If severe enough, the air handler may have to be replaced. To prevent the coil from freezing, check your AC filter monthly since restricted airflow is what causes the air handler to freeze in the first place.
  4. Leaky ductwork. Cracks or leaks in your ductwork direct cool air to places where it’s not needed.  That’s why ductwork should be inspected regularly We’ll check the integrity of your ductworks and make recommendations as needed.
  5. Outside condensing unit. An AC system provides cool air by transferring warm air from indoors to outdoors.  To do that job effectively, you need to keep grass, shrubs, and other obstacles away from the outside unit.

Another great way to maintain a high level of AC efficiency is with annual preventive maintenance.  Here at Bob Boldt HVAC, we perform comprehensive cleanings and inspections designed to improve efficiency, minimize repair problems, and decrease your electricity bills.  If it’s been a year or longer since your AS system was last maintained, contact us today.