How to Prevent Static Electric Shock

Static electricity is both a fascinating scientific phenomenon and an annoying fact of life. Essentially, it’s the result of static charges building along certain surfaces and discharging electric shock upon touch. While such encounters are usually harmless – however annoying they might be – static electricity also can harm sensitive electronics.

Here’s how to keep static electrical shock at bay:

Humidify the Air – The greater your indoor relative humidity, the less opportunity for static electricity to build up. Adding more house plants will help, as well as drying articles of clothing over chairs, keeping the bathroom door open while showering, and placing pots of water near floor heating vents.

Wear Natural Fibers – Clothes made from synthetics tend to pick up static charges more readily than natural fibers.

Use Anti-Static Hand Lotion – If you’re prone to dry skin, use an anti-static hand lotion to help prevent shocking results.

Go Barefoot – This is a good way to ease the pain, and so is covering your shoes, socks, or slippers with aluminum foil.

Purchase Anti-Static Products – Anti-static chase mats, wristbands, heal straps and conductive shoes are all available to help keep static electricity at bay.

If you have a serious problem with static electricity during the winter, Bob Boldt HVAC has a serious solution: a whole-house humidifier. It works in tandem with your furnace to heat and humidity your home simultaneously. In addition to reducing or even eliminating static electricity, you’ll pay less to heat your home and enjoy more restful nights. Contact us today to learn more or request a free in-home proposal.

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