How to Sleep Better at Night

If you dread bedtime because sleep feels like an impossible dream, you don’t have to take that lying down. Insomnia affects about 35% of all Americans. Probably not much comfort in that if you’re among them, except that you can now apply some of their techniques for sleeping soundly and waking up rested the next morning.

Change Your Diet

Well before bedtime, stop ingesting carbs. Otherwise, your body will continue to burn them, thus affecting sleep patterns. Healthy fats, on the other hand, can help you sleep – avocados and yogurt are two such examples.

Take it Easy

As you toss and turn restlessly, your mind may be replaying the same negative thoughts or experiences repeatedly. That’s stressful and sleep-depriving. Here are some tips to de-clutter your mind and get the added sleep you need:

  • At least 30 minutes before bedtime, shut off all electronics and read something that helps you relax.
  • Keep a paper journal and make nightly entries, especially about issues concerning you. Getting it on paper can help you make sense of it all and stop stressing about it – at least long enough to get to sleep.
  • Exercise before bedtime. Exercise is one of the most natural ways to create endorphins, an all-natural sleep aid.

Take Natural Supplements

Magnesium sleep supplements are the most effective way to cure insomnia without drugs. About 400 to 500 mg a night should be enough. If you have jet lag, taking melatonin for a few days is okay, but long-term usage can become habit-forming

Use Essential Oils

Chamomile, whether in tea, tincture, or essential oil form, is one of the best medicinal herbs for fighting stress and promoting relaxation, according to research from Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine and Pharmacognosy Review. Inhaling chamomile vapors is often recommended as a natural remedy for anxiety and general depression, which is one reason why chamomile oil is a popular ingredient in many candles, aromatherapy products, and bath-soaking treatments. You also can try rubbing a few drops of lavender oil on your neck before going to bed. Or, take a warm bath with lavender oil or Epsom salts, two more great ways to induce a peaceful night’s sleep.

Bob Boldt HVAC has a solution, too!

If allergy symptoms or excess humidity are keeping you awake way past your normal sleep time, we can help. With a whole-house air purifier, for example, we can rid your home of 99%+ of germs, bacteria, and other airborne pollutants while your furnace or AC fan is running. Or, if hot and sticky air is keeping you awake until all hours, then a whole-house dehumidifier might be the answer. With it, you can keep your home’s relative humidity within the prescribed range: 30% to 50%. That, plus the cool, comfortable air your AC system provides, is a great recipe for more and better-quality sleep. For more information on how to improve indoor air quality, contact Bob Boldt HVAC today.

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