Should You Get a Mini-Split or a Central AC?

June 14, 2023

New air conditioning units can be big investments, but their convenience and effectiveness make them incredibly popular. If you’re considering replacing your window or portable units with an installed AC, you might need to decide between central AC and mini-splits. Both mini-splits and central AC come with benefits, and we can help you learn more about which one might be most suitable for your needs.

The Advantages of Mini-Splits

Mini-splits, or ductless mini-splits as they're often called, can be ideal if you don't currently have ductwork in your home. Some older homes were not built with ducts, and in certain regions, ducts are not that prevalent even in newer homes. Installing ducts in a home that was designed without them can be expensive and time-consuming, and you might not think that it's worth the cost. Without ducts to move cool air through your home, though, you'll need another approach to keeping things comfortable. That's where a mini-split can come in.

A mini-split can be installed in a variety of locations, such as a bedroom, living room, or dining room. Many models are designed to be mounted on walls, and other kinds can be integrated into ceilings or floors. The mini-split can cool the room in which it's located, providing quick relief from hot temperatures. If you need more than one room cooled, you can get more than one mini-split installed. There's a lot of flexibility with mini-splits, which is one reason why they've become popular.

Another benefit of mini-splits is that they're efficient. When you think about a central air conditioner and the cool air that has to be pushed through the vents, you start to realize that there are many points at which cool air can get lost through leaks in the system. In contrast, there aren't the same risks with mini-splits. All the cool air gets sent directly into the room.

Finally, some mini-splits can function as both heaters and air conditioners. If you have an addition, you might need a unit that can keep your new area comfortable throughout the year. In this case, a mini-split could be ideal.

The Advantages of Central Air Conditioning

Central AC is quite common in some areas, and that's primarily because it's so effective at cooling an entire home. Remember that mini-splits only cool the areas in which they're located. If you have a large home, you'd need to get multiple mini-splits. Getting a few mini-splits could still be practical for some customers, but if you have seven or eight rooms to cool, you may want to consider getting a system that can address all of those spaces. A central AC can handle that job with ease.

Many central AC units are actually cheaper than comparable mini-split systems without taking the cost of ductwork into account. Some customers building new places already plan on having ductwork installed as part of their heating systems, so they've already budgeted for the cost of the ducts.

Finally, central AC vents are unobtrusive and blend in nicely. You might not even notice the vents, especially when they're integrated into floors, walls, or ceilings. In contrast, most mini-splits are pretty obvious since they're mounted on walls. As a result, some people might not like the look of them. It may come down to style when figuring out which type of air conditioner you prefer.

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