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Programmable thermostat and whole-house zone control

If your heating and cooling systems are controlled by a single thermostat, you’re no doubt paying too much for the comfort they provide. Or you’re sacrificing optimum comfort levels simply to keep your energy costs in line.

With Bob Boldt HVAC you can have both ideal indoor temperatures AND significantly lower energy costs.

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Here are just two more ways we can deliver on that promise:

Whole-House Zone Control:
Unless every room in your home is occupied all or most of the time, your home should be divided into two or more zones, each with its thermostatic control. Maybe, for example, one of your kids spends most of the year away at college. Others may have moved out and started their adult lives. Whatever the case might be, having multiple zones enables you to enjoy maximum comfort in your most-occupied rooms while saving money elsewhere. Plus, you can adjust temperatures in any zone as you see fit.

Programmable Thermostats:
For an even greater measure of flexibility and cost control, consider replacing each standard thermostat with a programmable model, especially those with Wi-Fi access. When your plans change, you can change temperature settings right along with them, no matter where you might be. The more time your house is unoccupied, the less cool or warm air it needs until you get home. And remember, temperatures can be adjusted one zone at a time.

To learn more about whole-house zone control and programmable thermostats – along with other ways to slash energy costs – contact Bob Boldt HVAC today.

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