The Benefits of Whole-House Air Filtration.

Most people spend about 90% of their time indoors. Doing the math, that’s 21.6 hours a day, with at least half of that time spent at home. Where are we going with this? Straight to this fact as provided by the EPA: indoor air, on average, is twice as polluted as outdoor air. So, if you struggle with allergies, asthma, and other respiratory ailments – especially within the confines of your own home – the causes can be all around you, literally. How can Bob Boldt HVAC help? With a whole-house air filtration system, one installed inside your HVAC ductwork. The filter is designed to trap 95% and more airborne pollutants. And that’s where they stay until you clean the filter, which only needs to be done every three to six months.
As a result, you’ll breathe cleaner, healthier air with fewer respiratory problems to plague you.

Common Indoor Air Pollutants
According to Discovery Fit & Health, these are the top 10 indoor air pollutants:

  • Radon
  • Environmental tobacco smoke
  • Biological contaminants such as pollen, pet dander, and mold
  • By-products from your furnace, fireplace, or wood-burning stove
  • Household products such as paints and chemically based cleaning products
  • Formaldehyde from new carpeting, old paint cans, and other sources
  • Adhesives, especially the kind used in carpeting
  • Pesticides
  • Asbestos
  • Lead from old paint
    1. In addition to a whole-house air filtration system from Bob Boldt HVAC, there are plenty of DIY methods for cleaning up the air you breathe. Here’s just a sample:

    2. Buy and nurture indoor house plants that effectively remove bacteria and other pollutants from the air. These include Boston Fern, Peace Lily, Spider Plants, and many others.
    3. Purchase eco-friendly carpeting to further keep your home pollutant-free. Carpet made from natural, renewable fibers tends to be the most environmentally friendly and include sisal, seagrass, coir, organic cotton, jute, organic wool, and bamboo.
    4. Switch to green cleaning products
    5. Even in the winter, try to open at least one window for a minimum of 30 minutes per day.
    6. If you can take the extra chill, sleep with a window open, even just a little.
    7. Don’t allow smoking anywhere in your home.

Also, get your family and guests into the habit of removing their shoes in your entryway. That way, the pesticides, pollen, and other pollutants trapped in the soles won’t travel through your home.

For more information on the benefits of a whole-home air filtration system along with a free and custom proposal, contact Bob Boldt HVAC today.

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