The Many Uses for Ductless Air Systems

Even though ductless air systems have been available in the U.S. since at least the 1990s, you’d think they were the latest and greatest trend judging by the number of phone calls they generate to our office. As wonderful as they are – especially in certain applications – some things just take longer to catch on than others. In case you’re new to the topic, ductless air (also called “wall-mounted air”) systems combine heating and cooling into one neat and energy-efficient package. And yet, unlike heat pumps, ductless air systems don’t deliver conditioned air through air ducts as the name suggests, but rather through wall-mounted blowers. These also can be floor-mounted.

These facts are generally well known and appreciated. Because now, you can enjoy all the comforts of central air even without a network of air ducts. You’ll pay less for installation and electricity, too. But what isn’t such common knowledge are the multiple uses of ductless air systems. The list seems to be ever-growing and includes:

    • Whole-house comfort
    • Heating and cooling for an addition, finished basement, or converted attic
    • An augment to your central AC system, especially on upper home levels that your central air system can’t effectively cool
    • A way to protect antique cars and other valuable possessions stored in a garage – if the garage is large enough, it might take two systems to get the job done, but at least you have that flexibility
    • A great way to add air conditioning to homes that have central heat only

Helps improve indoor air quality since no dirty air is being forced through ducts

  • A great alternative to costly electric heating systems where no natural gas connection is available


Do you know what else you’d love about a ductless air system of your own? They operate so quietly you’ll barely notice yours is on. Plus, one outdoor condensing unit can support up to five-room air blowers, each operated by its remote thermostat controller. There’s more to tell you, of course, so why not pick up the phone and contact Bob Boldt HVAC today? We’re the only company you’ll need for all your home heating and cooling needs…promise!

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