The Problem with Leaky Air Ducts

Do any of the following rings a bell?

  • Some rooms in your home do not heat or cool as well as others
  • Some rooms usually feel stuffy and congested
  • Your energy bills seem high, maybe even crazy high
  • You have excessive dust and you’re not sure why
  • The sudden appearance of mold and mildew

Sound familiar? If, so, the problem might not be your heating or cooling system, but the air ducts that deliver conditioned air one room at a time. According to the Department of Energy, a typical duct system loses about 25-30% of the conditioned air that flows through it. That puts added strain on your heating and cooling system while driving up your energy costs.

The Benefits of Duct Sealing

At Bob Boldt HVAC, we can precisely measure the amount of air leakage and where it’s coming from. But before you call us in, you might first want to visually inspect your ductwork. It may take a little climbing and a flashlight for illumination, but here’s why it’s worth it. By visually inspecting each duct out from the furnace or air handler to the room it serves, you should be able to spot gaps, holes, drooping sections, or disconnected ducts. If your ductwork is insulated, look for external dirty spots. These are a clear indication of a leaking duct. And now for the “good news” part of the story.

At Bob Boldt HVAC, we are skilled at finding and correcting leaky air duct problems. Once completed, your heating and cooling efficiencies will improve, your energy bills will come back down to earth, and, most important of all, you’ll start enjoying added indoor comfort. Contact us today for prompt and dependable service.

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