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If you’re looking for a new thermostat in Inver Grove Heights, MN, we’ve got you covered at Bob Boldt HVAC. When you think of possible upgrades for your home, a new smart thermostat may not be the first thing that springs to mind. However, it can make an incredible difference in your comfort and daily routine.

Being able to control the indoor temperature is essential to staying comfortable all year round. With smart thermostats, this is easier and more convenient than ever. They can help you reduce your long-term energy consumption with efficient algorithms and advanced learning capabilities. This is great for the environment but also great news for your energy bills.
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"Great job, friendly, very reasonable pricing; about a third of what I expected from experience with other local companies." - Paul S.
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Thermostat in Inver Grove Heights

A new smart thermostat in Inver Grove Heights is an investment every homeowner should consider. You may be wondering why you should bother to upgrade your thermostat if it’s working just fine. However, smart thermostats offer many benefits you’ll wonder how you ever lived without.

If you’ve never had a smart thermostat before or find technology intimidating, there’s no need to fear. Smart thermostats are much easier to use than you might think. One advantage is they are highly visual, offering all the data you need in a clear interface. This is a great alternative to the tiny screens you get with old thermostats. With remote control via your mobile device, they’re designed with ease of use in mind.

While you can adjust smart thermostats manually, this isn’t always needed, thanks to their learning abilities. With machine learning, the software is capable of analyzing your preferences and behavior. This means it can optimize temperature settings to keep your environment as comfortable as possible. They can detect motion to turn on and off when needed as well as get a feel for your daily routine.
Another advantage of smart thermostats is highly detailed analytics. You may wonder why you need to track your energy usage over time. This can make it easy to find ways of optimizing your energy usage and saving money on your bills.
Here are just some of the reasons you should upgrade to a smart thermostat:
Long-term energy savings
Detailed analytics
Visual interface
Convenient remote control
Mobile device app integration

Smart Thermostat Installation

If you’re interested in a new thermostat in Inver Grove Heights, we offer expert installation at Bob Boldt HVAC. Our trained technicians come with years of experience, and we can offer punctual service with every job we perform. Plus, our technicians always remain up to date with the newest advances in technology. This ensures your new installation will work effectively.

For a new thermostat in Inver Grove Heights, call the experts at Bob Boldt HVAC to set up your installation today!

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