What to Do About Dry Indoor Air

People say that if you like dry air, move to Arizona. Great advice, unless dry air happens to irritate the life out of you. Yet, dry indoor air is simply a fact of life with forced-air heating systems. Making matters worse is that with the cold air of Minnesota, rarely do you have windows open during the winter, so there the dry air sits and performs its dirty weeds. You know, things like dry skin, itchy eyes, sinus problems, static electricity, bloody noses, and more. Who needs all that nonsense, right? So, let’s now examine a few surefire ways to add some winter-time moisture to the air:

  • If you have floor vents, place a pot of water on or near them. The warm air will cause water vapor to spread throughout the area.
  • Purchase and nurture certain species of indoor plants known for their air moisturizing qualities. These include Boston Fern, Spider, and Peace Lily. Your local florist can tell you more.
  • Hang some of your clothes over racks or chairs inside your home to dry instead of placing everything in the dryer.
  • Boiling water on the stove will add humidity to your home as the water evaporates. Depending on the size of your home, it may not adequately circulate throughout the house. However, you can keep fans on low and keep your HVAC fan in the “on” position to encourage circulation.
  • Don’t have the time to let your dry on their own? Install a simple kit that allows you to vent your dryer inside your house instead of outside. Not only will the moisture from the drying process stay in the house, but you could also cut down on heating costs by releasing warm air.

Here’s a better and more thorough way to accomplish the same goal throughout your home: contact Bob Boldt HVAC about installing a whole-house humidifier. It works with your furnace to ensure the right balance of warmth and relative humidity. Plus, you can adjust humidity levels just as you can house temperature. Contact us today for a free in-home consultation and a new system quote.

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