Why Does Freon Cost So Much?

Here’s a tale of “good and not so good”. First, the good part. Since 2010, all new AC systems have been equipped not with Freon, but an eco-friendly alternative generically known as R-410A refrigerant. Unlike Freon, it’s not ozone-depleting, and that’s good for everyone. And now for the part, you might not like. While Freon is still available to re-charge pre-2010 AC systems, the supply is rapidly dwindling. That trend is going to continue right up until 2020 when Freon will no longer be available, period.

In the meantime, the price for a recharge keeps climbing, and you know what happens when demand exceeds supply. Right: higher prices! Today you can pay $400 or more for a Freon re-charge when, ten years ago, the same re-charge would have cost around $40. What’s a Careful Homeowner to Do? Under the circumstances, you have three basic choices:

  • Hang onto your Freon-equipped AC system and hope you don’t need a Freon charge.
  • Keep your system until you need a Freon charge, or a repair problem pops up. At that time, you can decide if “repair” or “replace” is your better move.
  • Or, replace your system now to eliminate the worry of rising Freon prices.

It’s not an easy choice, is it? For help in deciding and more information about the current price and availability of Freon, contact Bob Boldt HVAC
today. We’ll help you choose what’s best for your home and family.

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