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Zoning systems in Apple Valley, MN allow homeowners to improve energy efficiency without compromising their comfort. Like many homeowners with central heating and cooling systems, you’re probably spending money to regulate the temperature in areas that aren’t in use. Rather than closing off HVAC air vents to direct air away from these spaces, you can have technicians install a multi-zone HVAC system

This is the surest way to avoid placing undue stress on your furnace and air conditioner and to get the customized comfort that you want. Best of all, zoning HVAC systems allows homeowners to keep their existing heaters and air conditioners while only making slight modifications to their HVAC air ducts.
"Great job, friendly, very reasonable pricing; about a third of what I expected from experience with other local companies." - Paul S.
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Apple Valley’s Zoning HVAC Systems

Zoning HVAC systems are a relatively simple and straightforward process that provides impressive returns. When installing a multi-zone HVAC system in any Apple Valley home, HVAC technicians consider the needs of building residents, the condition of existing ducting, the layout of living areas, and many other pertinent factors. These assessments allow for truly customized solutions.

After dividing your living environment into two or more heating and cooling zones and having multiple thermostats installed, you’ll be able to control each thermostat independently of the others to create the ideal conditions in every room.
The ductwork in zoned HVAC systems has automated dampers. Central zone control systems that respond to input from all thermostats regulate automated dampers. When you no longer want heated or cooled air in an area, the respective duct dampers will automatically swing shut. When you desire air delivery in this same space again, these dampers will reopen to let conditioned air through.

Zoning systems additionally include bypass dampers. These are dampers that open as needed when the air pressure in HVAC ductwork mounts. They prevent air pressure increases from placing stress on central heating and cooling equipment. In so doing, they also limit HVAC wear and protect furnace and air conditioner lifespans.
Zoning HVAC systems provides a wealth of impressive benefits.
Modernize your Apple Valley home
Lower your carbon footprint
Prevent arguments about thermostat settings
Reduce your monthly energy costs
When the kids are away at school or the adults are at work, you’ll only pay to heat or cool occupied areas

Discover the Best Zoning Systems

We work hard to ensure that Apple Valley locals can enjoy optimum levels of comfort without sacrificing the efficiency of their HVAC systems or increasing their usage costs. We offer first-rate heating and cooling installation, maintenance, and repair services. We also provide zoning systems, advanced indoor air quality solutions, and heat recovery ventilators.

To learn more about having a multi-zone HVAC system installed or to schedule zoning service for your Apple Valley home, call Bob Boldt HVAC today!

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