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Zoning systems in Eagan, MN allow homeowners to improve energy efficiency without forfeiting comfort. Zoning HVAC systems establish multiple zones throughout homes. Each zone receives its own thermostat, and you would control each thermostat independently of the others. With a multi-zone HVAC system, everyone in your household will get the perfect amount of heated or cooled air in their immediate areas, and you’ll avoid spending money to heat or cool unoccupied spaces.
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Zoning HVAC Systems in Eagan

Zoning HVAC in your Eagan home isn’t as simple as closing the air vents in rooms that you aren’t using. Closed air vents create tremendous amounts of air pressure in your ductwork. Although a closed air vent will prevent heated or cooled air from entering the respective area, it will also drive your energy bill up and subject your air conditioner or heater to unnecessary wear.

A professionally designed, multi-zone HVAC system includes special dampers and bypass ducts that redirect conditioned air without increasing air pressure inside of HVAC ducting. Bypass dampers release excess pressure as needed so that your HVAC equipment can continue providing optimum levels of efficiency and performance. When zoning systems, we start by assessing the layouts of buildings, gauging the tightness of home envelopes, and creating zones according to household sizes, life habits, and normal indoor activities, and other factors.
These are a few benefits of getting a smart thermostat in Burnsville:
Duct dampers to selectively block the flow of conditioned air
Bypass dampers to regulate in-duct pressure
Zone control equipment for automated functionality
Two or more programmable or smart thermostats

Zoned HVAC systems give individuals greater control over the temperature in the area they’re occupying. People who want more heated or cooled air in their immediate areas can adjust their thermostats accordingly. And those who are already comfortable can direct conditioned air away from their rooms without closing their air vents and without impacting the efficiency of your HVAC system.

Superior Zoning Systems in Eagan

We offer superior zoning systems in Eagan for homeowners who want to lower their utility costs while improving the indoor comfort of each resident. Our technicians will create a zoning plan that’s streamlined to suit the needs and nuances of your household and home. They’ll also carefully explain how to use all your new equipment to optimize its returns. We offer first-rate furnace and AC installation, maintenance, and repair services. We also provide an impressive range of cutting-edge HVAC add-ons.

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