Benefits of Furnace Service and Recommended Intervals

September 19, 2023

Routine furnace maintenance is essential to keeping your home comfortable as the weather gets chilly. Unfortunately, there can be some confusion about how often a tune-up is necessary and if regular maintenance is worth the investment. Having your furnace checked on a regular basis can prevent an unexpected and unwelcome breakdown during the frigid Minnesota winter months. Here's what you need to know about the benefits of furnace service and how often you should schedule a maintenance visit.

Fewer Malfunctions

Heating experts recommend you schedule a furnace tune-up at least once a year to ensure optimal performance. A service check allows technicians to discover and address potential problems that might not be obvious to you, such as worn wiring, leakage, or clogged filters. Saving you from a potential breakdown in the middle of winter is perhaps the most advantageous reason to hire an HVAC professional for a furnace tune-up. This simple step can help you stay warm throughout the cold season and prevent damage associated with a lack of heat, such as frozen pipes.

Longer Furnace Lifespan

Routine heating system maintenance can also help to lengthen its lifespan. Your professional HVAC technician will perform the following tasks during a maintenance visit to promote the longevity of your furnace:

  • Lubrication of moving parts
  • Belt adjustment
  • Tightening of connections
  • Burner inspection
  • Ignition system testing
  • Inspection of lines
  • Calibration of thermostat
  • Drain check
  • Clean or replace filters

Improved Air Quality

The filters in your heating system are vital in preserving your indoor air quality. Outdoor pollutants and indoor contributors like smoke, dust, and pet dander can significantly impact respiratory health, especially for those household members with asthma, allergies, and other breathing issues. Taking the time to have your furnace checked and cleaned by a professional can ensure it performs as expected, reducing contaminants that can negatively impact well-being.

Maximum Comfort

A heating system that isn't well-maintained is likely to provide inconsistent warmth and comfort throughout your home. Have you noticed cold spots in certain areas or lackluster heating in entire rooms? Poor airflow delivery and temperature control within your furnace are likely culprits that are easily fixed during your annual tune-up.

Reduced Energy Bills

If your furnace works overtime to compensate for dirty filters or obstructed airflow, it isn't performing efficiently. This extra effort is bound to negatively impact your heating bills. Not only will regular upkeep improve your furnace performance and provide optimal comfort, but it will also save you money each month on utility bills.

Protects Warranty Claims

Another way furnace service can save you money is by providing you protection in the event that it becomes necessary to file a claim with your home insurance policy. Many types of coverage won't pay for repairs if minimum maintenance requirements aren't fulfilled. Check your policy or talk to your insurance representative for complete details that pertain to your situation.

Improved Safety

Perhaps the most important reason to have your furnace serviced as recommended is to provide added safety and security to your home and its residents. Furnace malfunctions can be dangerous, causing damage to property and even sometimes loss of life. Many hazardous issues can be prevented simply by having an HVAC professional check your system at least once a year. Your furnace contains many moving and electrical parts. If you have a gas system, the risks may be even higher. A regular furnace tune-up can detect issues with burner combustion integrity, motor function, and electrical connections. A well-trained technician can spot these problems and significantly reduce the chances of a fire risk occurring. In addition, the emission of hazardous gasses like carbon monoxide can be prevented through a maintenance visit.

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